Top 10 Protest Signs at No on 8 March

By Ashley Harrell

Photos Courtesy of David Sweet

After the California did the unspeakable and passed Prop 8 last week, people began to wonder what the fuck happened. Was it Gavin Newsom's smugness? Bigoted voters? Rich Mormons? God himself?

The No on 8 campaign is at least partly to blame. Their message about Prop 8 taking rights away didn't really line up with their ads (which didn't feature a single gay person) and their promises that gay marriage wouldn't be taught in schools didn't really line up with reality (remember that first grade class showed up at their teacher's lesbian wedding at City Hall?) Is it really so damning to admit that yes, a major civil rights victory in California might be mentioned in school? Civil rights battles are always taught in schools. So the message that Prop 8 is simultaneously a civil rights issue and that it won't be taught in schools undoubtedly confused some voters and drew skepticism from others.

So at Friday night's protest, I was on the look out for messages that the No on 8 campaign might consider while crafting its campaign for the next time around if the state ever allows voters to decide on this issue again. Behold the top 10.

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