Top of the World, Ma! Top of the World! SF Weekly Featured Beneath Hippie's Ass (in New York Times!)

Photo   |   Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Ha, ha, ha! We made it! We finally made it! We all work for a newspaper — that's been featured in the Times!

You can read the article this photo illustrated, one of those homey little travelogues about charming drunken vagrants and where to buy organic popcorn, here. It actually is pretty charming, too (though nitpickers will question why the author feels the need to note that leaving Haight for Cole or Waller is “literally” like changing a TV channel. Literally? Really?). Also, the caption for the above photo refers to a “countercultural” singer. Sorry, wouldn't being countercultural in the Haight involve wearing a suit and voting Republican?

Also worth noting: In a story about San Francsico, the author's name is Dan White.

— Joe Eskenazi 

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