Tour Buses No Longer Allowed Near Full House Victorian

Now that the block with the Full House house has banned commercial buses, 1990s tourists can’t catch a break — but neither could its neighbors. How rude!

In a blow to tourists fans of Kimmy Gibbler, city officials on Tuesday banned commercial buses from the busy block home to the Tanner family’s iconic Victorian.

Whereas Alamo Square’s Painted Ladies are a standalone tourist destination, the Full House house at 1709 Broderick St. is a pit stop for tourist buses surrounded by everyday residents, two major medical centers, and the neighborhood’s commercial corridor, Divisadero Street.

So on Tuesday, the San Francisco Transportation Agency Board of Directors voted to ban commercial vehicles that can hold nine or more passengers from rolling through Broderick Street between Pine and Bush streets, the Examiner reports. In 2014, the city enacted a similar ban for Alamo Square.

Neighbors will no longer have the tour buses disrupting their daily lives but Uber and Lyft are also a common mode of transportation for visitors to arrive in crowds. However, San Francisco residents who aren’t thinking of Dave Coulier also use rideshare services and may just be passing through or going home to the neighborhood.

SFMTA indicated that, in the future, it could install speed bumps, implement data-sharing with rideshare companies, or even work with the City Attorney’s Office to work out how legal it is for the house to be tourist attraction. For now, at least clunky tour buses on a singular city block won’t mistake neighbors saying “How rude!” in their best Stephanie Tanner voice.

This is all not to say that reliving San Francisco-related 1990s popular culture isn’t welcome in the city. As soon as July 26, Mrs. Doubtfire starring local comedy legend Robin Williams will be screened at Alamo Square as part of the outdoor movie series Sundown Cinema. Don’t forget a blanket and 90s catchphrases — food trucks open at 6 p.m.

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