Trading Cars for Bikes: S.F. Merchants Turn Parking Spaces into Bike Spots

A few thousand more of these would be great.

Drivers aren't going to like hearing this: Merchants on Haight and Clement streets are taking away desired parking spaces to make room for more bikes. 

As part of a city “bike corral” program, the  neighborhood merchants turned three parking slots into 30 on-street bike spaces. The SFMTA has already installed corrals, which consist of  six bike racks stationed in front of Rocky Ricardo's Records in the Lower Haight. They have also been placed in front of Braindrops Boutique in the Upper Haight, and in front of Green Apple Books in the Richmond, Streetsblog reports.

Under the city's bike corral program, locals can request on-street racks in spots where bikes might otherwise block the sidewalk.

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