Trump Chicken Pranksters Launch M-Peach Campaign

They hope to sail a "Trump and the Giant M-Peach" boat in the bay on 4th of July.

Just as the Trump Chicken was there to provide comedic relief amid the beginnings of a new and uncertain presidency, ‘Trump and the Giant M-Peach” hopes to bring laughter back — and wake people up to the need for impeachment.

The same pranksters behind the ‘Trump Chicken’ launched a GoFundMe this week to finance new inventory: 20-foot inflatable peach with an ‘M.’ The team has plans to set it on a boat and sail it around the San Francisco Bay on July 4 to serve as a contrasting image to President Donald Trump on the Lincoln Memorial steps.

More importantly to the organizers, it’s to remind people that impeachment is a viable option that national leaders need to pursue.

“What’s interesting to me is people are not agitated,” says organizer Danelle Morton. “They’re dispirited. We’re all so overwhelmed by the daily barrage of things that it’s unthinkable.”

That’s a stark contrast from two years ago, when large protests on the weekend were normal, and people spontaneously rushed to San Francisco International Airport to protest the now-legalized travel ban placed against Muslim-majority countries

But if laughter can help people in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s district push for impeachment, she might feel additional pressure as House speaker to begin congressional proceedings.

“She holds all the keys to this,” Morton says. “She’s the one who’s tamping all this down.”

Morton is part of a small group that debuted the ‘Trump Chicken’ in the Bayview for the 2017 Tax March and gained popularity online before appearing in protests nationwide. They bought another one of the chicken sitting on a golden toilet in a campaign to urge voting out Republicans in a critical midterm election, and now they’re back to bring some needed humor to the serious topic of impeachment — all while learning about the importance of pinning down giant props. 

“We have learned so much about wind,” Morton says about the trial and error to keep the inflatable Trump jokes in place. “I think I’ve got the greatest idea in the world and then I realize how dangerous it is.”

It’s far from the only case of political humor and satire propelled by San Franciscans. Multiple campaigns emerged to urge the November passing of Proposition C, from #CatsForC and fake websites to mock the opposition. 

The team is hoping to raise $5,000 in order to pay for the giant peach, including shipping and supplies to inflate it, and to rent the boat for its July 4 debut and beyond. After all, the Trump chicken has received several positive responses over the years and laughter is still desperately needed. 

“This is an attempt to lift the spirit to reorganize the energy,” Morton says. “I think people are just exhausted. I’m the opposite of exhausted — I’m charged up.”

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