‘Trump Chicken’ Sets Sail in San Francisco

Why did this chicken cross the bay? Because “we all want to see Trump in jail,” say organizers behind Sunday’s flight of a 33-foot Trump Chicken.

The trend of giant inflatable Trump caricatures blew up again Sunday in San Francisco. After a large Trump Chicken appeared in the Bayview in March and the Trump Baby took flight in London earlier this month, a new and improved Trump Chicken egged on the president this weekend. The Donald is now donning prison stripes and known as “Prisoner 00045,” and on Sunday took a glorious boat trip from Crissy Field to delight viewers at Fisherman’s Wharf, the Ferry Building, and the Giants ballpark.


This is not the first time the prison jumpsuit-wearing Trump Chicken has come to roost in San Francisco, as the Trump Chicken appeared at Alcatraz in February. That fowl boat ride was organized by the Trump Chicken team, who are still raising chicken feed on GoFundMe to re-coop the costs of yesterday’s display and fund future outings.

There’s a whole flock of videos on the Trump Chicken Facebook page, including the above aerial drone video that someone was courteous enough to pluck.

Organizer Danelle Morton told her Trump Chicken story on Slate in March, after the original Tax March protest this year. The Trump Chicken from the Tax March was only 13 feet tall, but this new version that sailed yesterday a much larger 33 feet in height.


Organizers claim it is chicken scratch to say that they’re making fun of President Trump. According to the Trump Chicken website, “Any similarity between Prisoner 00045 and the President of the United States is purely coincidental. Any comparison between the Chicken and Donald Trump is the fakest of Fake News.”

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