Trump Visits ‘Out of Control’ California

The president's day of activities put the mutual disdain on full display.

The petition to stop President Donald Trump from visiting California expectedly failed, but the message that he’s not welcome was loud and clear.

As the self-declared home of “The Resistance,” California was not likely to be first on Trump’s visit. Trump stayed away from the state as long as he could and set another record for being the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to skip a visit in the inaugural calendar year.

And Californians seem to prefer he stays away. Before Trump arrived in San Diego to examine prototypes for his proposed border wall, protesters in Beverly Hills — one of his expected destinations that didn’t pan out — rallied against him and his immigration policies on Monday evening. 

“My mother and I are not red meat for your base,” said Yamilex Rustrian, the Los Angeles Times reports. “You want to mess with California? Well, bring it on.”

Trump brought his own heat to the state, calling it “out of control” when talking about sanctuary cities in San Diego — hours after firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter. His administration announced a lawsuit against California for its sanctuary policies last week, prompting Brown to call it a war against the state.

“I think the governor is doing a terrible job running the state of California,” Trump said Tuesday. “You have criminal living in the sanctuary cities.”

Hot off his viral tweet evoking Trump’s Twitter style, Brown shot back with praise for his state.

By 5 p.m., he arrived in Beverly Park for a dinner expected to raise $5 million for his reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee, the Los Angeles Times reports. But not before passing more California hostility, with middle fingers at his motorcade and shark masks to poke at his alleged fear of the ocean being.

Once Trump leaves on Wednesday, the state can get back to letting “criminal aliens” run our streets, building a shrine to Mother Earth and smoking gateway drugs in public.

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