Two People Killed in Vision Zero Collisions Over Weekend

Oakland resident Darren Travis, 47, died from a collision on his motorcycle mere hours after a 65-year-old pedestrian and Tenderloin resident was fatally hit by a bus.

In less than three hours, a pedestrian and motorcyclist died in separate collisions on Saturday night, police said Monday.

A Golden Gate Transit bus was on Hyde Street and Golden Gate Avenue around 7:30 p.m. when a pedestrian fell backward into the lane, the Examiner reports. The man’s head hit the bus in the Tenderloin and was declared dead at the hospital. He was 65 years old, according to police.

The public transit agency is investigating but spokesperson Priya Clemens says the driver waited for the pedestrian to cross at the intersection before turning. The Medical Examiner’s office has not yet identified the man who died.

Haney, who represents the Tenderloin, was on the scene and called for turn signals to prevent further deaths. On Twitter, he said the pedestrian lived on McAllister Street.

“The Tenderloin has some of the most dangerous streets in the city, and is home to many seniors, kids, people with disabilities,” Haney wrote. “The urgency for us to take action on safer streets could not be higher.”

Around 10:12 p.m. and less than a mile north, another traffic fatality occurred. A driver in a BMW collided with a motorcyclist at Pine and Polk streets, a block from the busy Van Ness Avenue corridor. The motorcyclist, identified by the Medical Examiner as Darren Travis of Oakland, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Travis was 47 years old.

Saturday’s deaths bring 2019’s Vision Zero count to 14, outpacing the previous year. Eight who died were pedestrians, three were in vehicles, one was a cyclist, and another was on a skateboard.

“This is a crisis, and city leaders must address it as such,” said Marta Lindsey of Walk SF in a statement. “And we cannot let anyone become numb to what’s happening. These are people, not numbers.”

Walk SF will hold a vigil on the intersection of Hyde Street and Golden Gate Avenue, one block from where pedestrian Janice Higashi died in March, at 5 p.m. on Monday.

UPDATE, Tuesday, May 14: The Medical Examiner identified the 65-year-old pedestrian hit by a Golden Gate Transit bus as Mark Swink.

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