Tyra Banks Endorses D.A. Kamala Harris for Attorney General

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris has been dealing with a storm of bad publicity lately, with revelations that her office's felony trial conviction rates have dropped precipitously and that local prosecutors' failure to disclose police officers' criminal backgrounds could jeopardize past convictions.

But Harris now has one big feather to stick in her cap as she campaigns to be the state's next attorney general: An endorsement from supermodel turned talk-show host Tyra Banks. In the May issue of — what else? — the online magazine Tyra, Banks praises the D.A. as “such a kind women [sic]” and touts, among other qualities, “her passion for the LGBT community.”

“At our lunch she told me all about her plans for California and it really touched me,” Banks writes. She also does her readers — perhaps not well-versed in the workings of state government — the favor of explaining exactly what an attorney general is. “Kamala is running for Attorney General, a position that is responsible for representing the state (aka all of the residents of that state) in all law matters. They are the chief law officer of the state.”

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