U.C. FUBAR: The Logo Is Dead. Long Live the Logo

Last week the public reacted rather strongly after the University of California released a cheaper, crappier logo for our cheaper, crappier times. Nostalgic alumni would, understandably, be averse to change — but the outcry against the new logo was swift and merciless. It recalled the backlash against New Coke, only if the Coca-Cola people had decided to replace the original formula with Pepto-Bismol.

Remarkably, the university system noticed the torches and pitchforks at the gates and, within days, pulled the design. Officials will begin phasing out the logo, but have not yet settled on a replacement, which will adorn public affairs and fundraising materials. With an eye toward the future and an eye on tradition, we here propose, cross-eyed but optimistic, some new designs to reflect these fickle and democratic times.

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