U.C. San Francisco Rolling in Metric Shitload of Federal Funds

Money may not buy you love — but it sure as hell can fund research into preventing and curing diseases associated with love. And that works fine for U.C. San Francisco, which came near the top of the class on recently released figures by the National Institutes of Health ranking which medical institutions receive the most federal moolah.

In fiscal 2009, the NIH sent $463,287,103 UCSF's way — yes, that'd be around $1.3 million a day — with more than $441 million of that for research grants. The biggest winner at UCSF: Internal Medicine, at $153,989,540, easily outpacing in-house runner-up Neurology ($38,851,146).

While $463 million and change will buy a few microscopes, it's actually far less than UCSF received in 2008: $510,735,527.

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