U.C. San Francisco Top Doc Says Health Care Bill 'Ain't So Bad'

You can count Dr. Robert Wachter as one of the people taken aback at the vehement ongoing ruminations in favor of maintaining health care's status quo.

“What they're missing,” said U.C. San Francisco's chief of hospital medicine and medical service, “is that the present system is terribly broken and unsustainable. An argument for the status quo is pretty scary. The status quo has Medicare going bankrupt in seven years. It has levels of quality and safety I think most people would find unacceptable. And it has nearly 50 million people without insurance.”

So you can count Wachter as one of the people applauding yesterday's signing of comprehensive health care reform into law. But he's not just supporting this bill because it's better than nothing. In his learned medical opinion, “it ain't that bad.”

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