Uber Finally Sees Decline in Riders

And San Franciscans have made the biggest dent.

For all of Uber’s screw-ups, none of them ever seemed to hit their bottom-line money making. The self-driving cars running red lights didn’t do it. The sexual harassment scandals didn’t do it. The fare manipulation and price gouging schemes didn’t do it.

Maybe it was a combination of all of the above, but something finally did it. According to CNet, Uber has experienced its first-ever decline in ridership, according to business travel expense accounting firm Certify.

“Whether it’s a reaction to the latest headlines or the introduction of new features like tipping, the power of consumer choice has become a major factor in travel and entertainment expense spending,” Certify CEO told CNet in a statement.

Certify only tracks business travel, by monitoring expenses and receipts. Uber’s not obliged to disclose their general ridership numbers across the board because they’re not yet a public company. But the business travel community is beginning to buck Uber, according to Certify data.

Admittedly, it’s only a one percent drop for Uber business nationwide. Though here in San Francisco, the birthplace of Uber, the rideshare company saw its largest decline with an eight percent loss of its business riders. The city may be home to massive corporations, but that doesn’t mean our residents have to be its pawns.

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