Uber Fires More Than 20 As Scandal Probes Widen

After firing 20 employees Tuesday, Uber has to fire another Wednesday for inappropriately accessing a rape victim's medical records.

San Francisco-based rideshare giant Uber hoped they put the all of their harassment scandals to bed Tuesday when they fired 20 employees, as reported in the Los Angeles Times. At Tuesday’s all-company meeting, Uber announced the firings of these employees for a range of malfeasances from sexual harassment to  discrimination to bullying.

But then earlier today, Uber woke to yet another scandal. Their Asia Pacific president Eric Alexander had inappropriately obtained the medical records of a rape victim in an attempt to discredit her story, as uncovered by Recode. Uber promptly fired Alexander too, but only once the story became public.

“Alexander had not been among those fired, Uber said [Tuesday] when asked about his status. Now, after Recode contacted the company about his actions, he is no longer employed there,” writes Recode’s Kara Swisher, who has reported the heck out of this story.

“It’s not clear if he [obtained the files] of his own volition or was directed to do so. It is also not clear if he obtained these files legally,” she continues. “Alexander carried around the document for about a year before other executives — presumably the legal department — obtained the report and destroyed his copy.”

In addition to the 21 current firings, NPR reports that a number of Uber employees have been disciplined but not fired over the various scandals. The news organization tallies 40 more employees who were “reprimanded or referred to counseling and training.”

Uber employees may need to brace for another round of firings next week, when yet another sexual harassment investigation from former attorney general Eric Holder is expected to be completed.

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