Uber Gets Stuck on Safeway Stairs After Accidental Turn

This is one instance where it wasn't the healthier choice to take the stairs.

Raise your hand if you’ve seen a car pull a shady move in San Francisco, and instinctively glanced at its window to see if an Uber or Lyft sticker is present. With so many technical mishaps and driver errors occurring on the streets of our city, it’s become a veritable scavenger hunt to catch one in action. Monday afternoon, a number of people got that pleasure, when they caught sight of a white Toyota sedan with an Uber sticker in the front window stuck on the steps leading out of the Market and Church street Safeway. 

To be fair, it’s happened before — and there should probably be a bollard or five preventing vehicles from making this mistake.  The driver told Hoodline that he was following GPS instructions when the incident happened.  The Examiner reports that two passengers were in the car and that no one was injured.

But the story doesn’t end there. As if the indignity of getting stuck on the stairs wasn’t enough, the tow cable broke as a truck tried to remove it, and the car rolled forward and hit a fire hydrant and a city-owned trash can. 

(Kevin N. Hume/S.F. Examiner)

Let’s just hope the new self-driving Uber cars, which are allowed to launch in San Francisco in April, are programmed to avoid the Church and Market Safeway stairs. 

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