UC Berkeley Zeta Phi Beta Pledge Accuses Sorority Sisters of Beating, Hazing Her

A former UC Berkeley student and Zeta Phi Beta pledge quickly discovered that her sorority dues just weren't paying off.

Britteny Starling is suing her sorority sisters for allegedly hazing her so badly she was forced to drop out of school and take medical leave.

According to a lawsuit filed in Oakland this week, Starling was thrilled to pledge Zeta Phi Beta, where hazing practices are forbidden. However, shortly after pledging the sorority in 2010, Starling claims her “big sister” and others in the sorority were participating in “underground hazing” practices.

Starling stated that at the beginning of the pledge process, the girls were ordered to perform a host of tasks and rituals for their “big sisters,” the older sorority girls who mentor pledges through what is supposed to be a fun process.

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