Unreleased Google Glass For Sale at S.F. Pawnshop

The Internet is going nuts today over an eBay listing. But it’s not just any eBay listing: it's a listing offering up an alleged Google Glass wearable computer — one that never hit the consumer market during Glass's short-lived control over our lives, which certainly should not be up for auction on eBay at this time. (That noise you just heard was a shot glass breaking at Molotov’s, ostensibly falling through the sweaty palms of Google god Sergey Brin.)

While others geek out over the actual technology at hand, it’s worth taking a close look at the listing itself. First of all, it has no reserve price and it’s been bid up by thousands of dollars already after starting at $299 on Friday evening. One eBay user apparently had second thoughts after offering $20,000 for it Saturday afternoon, retracting the bid about 80 minutes later.

The item is used, although the seller makes no mention of its origins. The seller is a high-rated eBay user named azpawnbroker, which is indeed the A to Z Pawnbrokers that have multiple Bay Area locations (the last A to Z location in San Francisco, at 2050 Mission, is still a pawn shop but not an A to Z, according to listings).

A rep contacted by The Verge would not talk about how the shop acquired the device.

Perhaps the most interesting part of an otherwise thorough and fairly typical eBay listing is the the note in the item description that says the device will NOT be shipped to “Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or to any Eastern European country.” (SF Weekly contacted the seller for clarification and is awaiting a response.)

Perhaps it has something to do with this?

In 2011, the U.S. government started publicly calling out Russia, and China as well, for being top thieves of the nation’s economic and technology information. And folks in Balkan countries are good at hacking.

It’s somewhat odd that the pawn shop is OK with selling an unreleased item that has been in the making for some time and drawn massive curiosity worldwide, but it stops short of letting that technology into the hands of an Eastern European nation.

As of this writing, the latest bid for the device was $9,100. Perhaps Google, or Alphabet, will use this as a pricing model.

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