Uruguayan Press Gaga Over Ross Mirkarimi

Ross Mirkarimi — and his signature vest — were warmly received in South America

El Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi spread the San Francisco no-plastic-bag gospel to Uruguay this week, and the local press apparently went gaga for San Francisco's good-looking ambassador of green.

Okay, check your maps: Uruguay is Argentina's tiny and more laid-back neighbor. It's the land of bicyclists, drinkers of yerba mate, lovers of futbol (fourth in the World Cup!), and heart-clogging fried steaks with eggs on top. Mirkarimi arrived there as a speaker sponsored by the U.S. State Department to talk to leaders in the country's capital, Montevideo. His mission: repeat, in so many words, the most famous phrase of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca: Verde que te quiero verde. “Green how I want you green.”

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