Valentine's Day Gift for Her: Female Condom (VIDEO)

Health Department Tries Hand At Public Service Announcement Porn. Best. Video. Ever.

The wait has been long. It has been curious. And now the Female Condom 2 will finally launch in San Francisco on Valentine's Day. The motto: “The FC2, For When He's Into You.” The suggestive launch point: the back of a school bus.

Health department officials will have a kickoff event at noon at Civic Center Plaza Monday to introduce the FC2 — an improvement from the more expensive and more unwieldy Female Condom recently approved by the FDA. They're hoping the tubular condoms will catch on with both women and gay men to give the “bottom” in sex more control over protecting themselves from STDs, or unwanted pregnancy. Health reps will board a psychedelic party bus known as the Teacher Bus (really!) to distribute the condoms in Dolores Park, the Castro, Bayview, and at Powell and Market Streets. As if it won't be awkward enough, we expect they will run into the guy who carries the “No Sex” sign by the Powell trolley turn-around.

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