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Brown Concedes, Handing Veto-Proof Majority to Progressive Supervisors


Supervisor Vallie Brown conceded to campaign competitor Dean Preston Thursday, ending her run to represent District 5.

Brown called Preston Thursday morning to congratulate him, days after Preston’s lead held steady. At a difference of 187 votes, the race was razor-thin and Brown’s campaign hadn’t ruled out a recount.

But she told supporters in a letter that they determined it would be too costly and time-consuming, the Examiner reported.

“The campaign is now officially over and we’re moving full steam ahead with the transition,” Preston wrote on Twitter. “Thank you all for your support!”

Brown’s loss affects Mayor London Breed, who appointed Brown to replace her as District 5 supervisor. Brown, who served as legislative aide to Breed and predecessor Ross Mirkarimi, will no longer be able to serve as an ally on the Board of Supervisors.

With the addition of Preston, progressive supervisors now have a veto-proof majority on the Board. Breed has tussled with progressive supervisors during her tenure, most visibly through competing measures for similar issues like educator housing and mental health reform.

Now, Breed will have to work with her former campaign opponent. She narrowly defeated Preston in 2016 during her re-election bid.

Preston founded group Tenants Together and authored June 2018’s Proposition F, guaranteeing city-provided legal counsel for tenants facing eviction. His platform centers tenants rights and he also caught attention for running as a democratic socialist.

Brown went on the defense in October, after SF Weekly revealed that she evicted tenants 25 years ago from the building she bought with friends.

Her response centered around the tenants’ lack of paying rent, which was later disproved. One of them, Mary Packer, issued a cease-and-desist letter and Brown apologized.

Like District Attorney-elect Chesa Boudin, Preston will have a full plate enacting his vision and reuniting the district after such a close race.

He assumes office in January.

Ida Mojadad

Ida Mojadad is a reporter at SF Weekly, often covering politics, housing and transportation. Her words can also be found in the Orange County Register, KQED (NPR), Faribault Daily News, Northfield News and SF Examiner. You can reach her at (415)-359-2728 or by email at

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