Veterans Benefits Group, Inc. Sues Mother Jones Magazine for Defamation

The Veterans Benefits Group, Inc. and its president are suing Mother Jones magazine over an article in the July/August 2011 issue, accusing the San Francisco-based magazine of defamation. The group claims the article falsely accuses the organization of elder financial abuse and other “shady” practices.

The article, “War and Fleece: Shady Financial Planners and Insurance Brokers Have Found a Rich Target in America's Aging Vets,” describes a trend in which investment planners can take advantage of the elderly — especially veterans — by charging high fees for financial services and selling annuities to make well-off veterans look poorer to qualify for pension.

The suit, which was filed Monday, names the article's author, Andy Kroll, and photographer, Lianne Milton. Other defendants include KGO Television and anchor Michael Finney for a segment on the same subject.

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