Veterans Day Motivates Quasi Occupy Movement in San Francisco

Clarification: The protest was not part of the official Occupy Movement.

It's Veterans Day and rather than sit back, relax, and get patted on the back for all those years serving our country, two local veterans opted to celebrate today by getting arrested.

It was for good reason, they say. After all, they're fighting a war against low wages.

This afternoon, a group of 50 veterans and union members descended on the sidewalk at 520 Market St. where they carried signs, chanted slogans, and generally protested low wages that developers are paying them.

Joined by Supervisors Scott Wiener and David Chiu, the group tried to deliver a letter listing their demands to BRE Properties CEO Connie Moore. But the plan went awry when the group was denied access to the CEO; this prompted the two veterans to stand in front of the door, blocking access to the building.

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