Video: Drone Crashes at Sinking Millennium Tower

The drone was supposed the inspect the leaning tower’s window cracks, but instead plummeted toward terrified pedestrians on the sidewalk.

The hits keep coming at the tilting and sinking Millennium Tower, where a drone crash marred an attempt to inspect the buildings latest structural flaw. Building inspectors launched the drone Saturday to take aerial footage of the new cracks mysteriously appearing in the building’s windows. But the drone lost its signal, and came barreling down to earth within ten feet of unsuspecting and understandably frightened pedestrians.


KPIX reporter Da Lin was absolutely in the right place at the right time, as seen in the YouTube video above (with the terrified-sounding expletives of near-miss victims bleeped out). The drone loses its satellite signal from the pilot, hits an adjacent building, and busts into pieces that then come crashing down on Mission Street as pedestrians run for cover.

Very fortunately, no one was hit or hurt by the plummeting drone detritus. But it was a very close call, and the pieces did come within a few yards of several people.

The drone pilot was not hired by the building’s developer Millennium Partners, but instead by the Millennium Towers Homeowners Association who are suing that developer because their expensive homes are now worth next to nothing. In addition to the luxury high-rise now sinking by 16-18 inches and tilting by two inches, the building has formed still-unexplained cracks on a 36th floor window.


Drones losing their satellite signal is apparently a common problem in the Financial District, as the tall buildings can interfere with the devices’ reception. The engineering firm hired by the homeowners association says it will abandon the drone investigation plan and instead have someone “rappel down the building next week to photograph the curtain wall and glass and tape up the glass.”

What could possibly go wrong?

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