VIDEO: Pride Trashes Dolores Park Into Submission, Evokes Dystopian Metaphors

The above is video footage captured in Dolores Park this morning, in the not-too-distant, post-Pride present, in a reality where humans have abdicated their responsibilities and where trash is the dominant life form.

Instead of green space, there is green and white and brown and glass and trash space, as far as the eye can see, in a new world order populated by beer boxes, plastic bags, and other remnants of late capitalism.

As the early morning sun lights the collection of discarded human ephemera known as trash, the only signs of life are the seagulls, who dance with delight at the bounty before them.

What's most impressive about the stupendous amount of waste left behind in Dolores Park is that it's only one day's work. Supposedly, the park was mostly clean as of Sunday morning. 

The best bit? “There are almost 30 trash cans a mere 20 yards away from this,” according to the individual who shot the video.
[jump]   The video was captured by a Recreation and Park Department gardener, whose usual job of ensuring the city's green spaces stay green and not shades of brown was put on hold today so that he could pick up trash. Lots and lots of trash.

Pride festivities were dinged several times for creating a horde of refuse. On Saturday, volunteer cleanup crews stayed out until 2:30 a.m. Sunday to clean up from the post-Dyke March fete. Apparently, DoPa had but a few hours of unspoiled solace before it was turned into a dump again.

We reached out to the Recreation and Park Department to get reaction and some kind of quantification of the epic, metaphor-inspiring mess but have yet to hear back, possibly because there are not yet words. We'll update if and when we hear back.

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