Virginal Green Composting Bins Dot San Francisco

With yesterday being day one of San Francisco's mandatory composting era, the city was speckled with verdant, virginal green composting bins, all of which had that new composting bin smell. This is as clean as they will ever be; they will never be more camera-ready.

Meanwhile, the filthy, bedraggled veteran green bins stood as stark reminders of what is to come for these new recruits. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, greenie. It tolls for thee.

In fact, the martial allegories are hard to dismiss. Now that San Francisco has, in essence, declared war on composting, a vast army of conscript green bins have been pressed into action alongside the longtime “volunteers.” One imagines that the battle-scarred volunteers resent the new conscripts — who, in addition to being shiny and clean, come equipped with newfangled reinforcements:

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