Warrants Indicate Hundreds of Pot Plants Seized From Property Adjoining Bayview Warehouse That Suspiciously Burned Last Month

Search warrants indicate that police confiscated 860 Marijuana plants growing in a structure a stone's throw from a Bayview warehouse that burst into flames last month — a strong indication that initial theories blaming careless pot-growers for the blaze may well be accurate.

A firefighter was injured in the fire last month at a warehouse located at 2265 Revere; an illegal converter box clued police in that a Marijuana growing operation might be tied to the blaze (known as “jumping the box,” growers often unlawfully circumvent the meter and tap into the power supply to prevent the massive utility bills police have learned are indicators of a growhouse).

Search warrants obtained by SF Weekly's Will Harper reveal that firefighters spotted hundreds of pot plants at 2266 Shafter — mere feet away from the charred warehouse — and police executed the warrant shortly after the fire was contained, carrying off 860 plants from the premises.

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