Watch Brian Wilson's Uncaged With Sasquatch

Although injured, Giants' pitcher Brian Wilson loves putting on a good show for his fans. And though we're inclined to grit our teeth at athletes-turned-actors, we just can't get enough of Wilson, especially since he's brought his beastly mate Sasquatch on board.

Two weeks after taking Sasquatch to the ESPY awards, Wilson debuted “Uncaged with Sasquatch” on Break Media. Wilson mocks public access talk shows, taking inspiration from Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns (down to the beard, the cheesy saxophone jingle, and the literal placement between two ferns).
In Wilson's Uncaged debut, Sasquatch asked Wilson, in Sasquatch language of course, about his fears.
“I'm more or less afraid of fear,” Wilson said. “So I guess I fear fear.”

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