Watch This Baby Hawk Chick Hatch In the Presidio

The cutest damn livecam you will see all day features this newborn red-tail hawk who just hatched Wednesday morning.

Congratulations are in order for two red-tail hawks nested high atop the Presidio, as one of their eggs hatched a cute and chirpy little baby at approximately 7:07 a.m. Wednesday morning. Mom and chick appear to be in fine condition, and another unhatched egg is ready to pop anytime. You can watch all of this live on the Presidio SF Live Webcam of Red-Tailed Hawk Nest seen below.

The livecam above can be pretty hit-and-miss in terms of seeing the outrageously adorable baby chick, because the mom still broods over the little nipper most of the time (of course, there is still another egg she has to hatch). But a glimpse of that fluffy little infant chick is a massive dose of cute overload, as it cheeps, wobbles around the nest with very little coordination, and snacks upon dead rodent parts straight from momma’s beak.

Above we see the actual hatching of the chick just after 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. Mom seems to be announcing that it’s about to happen at the :23 mark, Dad immediately swoops in to join her for the big moment, and the bundle of joy starts popping out at around :30, which continues for several minutes.

“We’ve spotted a cozy couple of Red-tailed Hawks doing a little ‘nestoration’ 100 feet up in one of the Presidio’s blue gum eucalyptus trees,” the Presidio Trust says on their Youtube page. “We know this lovely pair of hawks are actually year-round Presidio residents – the couple have returned to this same nest over the past few years.”

Here’s Pop delivering the chick’s first meal around 10 a.m. (and the chick can be seen at the 1:12 mark!) “We won’t share the nest’s exact location (we’d like to give this couple a little privacy),” the Presidio Trust says. “Over the next few months we’ll observe this pair as they make a home for their young, and watch as their small chicks make their way from egg to first flight.”

Another one of those eggs is expected to hatch any day or hour now, so keep a constant  eye on the Presidio SF Live Webcam of Red-tailed Hawk Nest, or check the Red-Tailed Hawk Nest Cam Highlights, both courtesy the Presidio Trust.

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