Watching Endangered Species for Fun and Profit

Come see the salt marsh harvest mouse and 32 of his buddies…

Spot endangered animals and plants, log in to a Web page and win a prize (“not a Prius”).

By Joe Eskenazi

The number 33 is:

The innings played in the longest-ever baseball game, a 1981 contest between the Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings;

The numeral cryptically printed on every bottle of Rolling Rock;

Two words: Larry Bird;

Amazingly enough, the number of federally listed endangered species residing in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, virtually in our backyard.

For this story, we’re going to concentrate on the local endangered species (though there really is only one Larry Bird, when you think about it).

You may never have heard of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area – but there’s every bit as good a chance you’ve been there as there is Jamie Lynn Spears’ foray into motherhood will end badly.

The GGNRA runs along the Pacific coast starting in southern San Mateo County and running up past Pt. Reyes in Marin. Locally, it runs along San Francisco’s Northern and Western shores from Ft. Mason to Ft. Funston, including, of course, Ocean Beach.

And while the terms “Ocean Beach” and “Wildlife” may conjure up images of something like this, the local coast is, literally, crawling with flora and fauna; the Nature Conservancy lists the GGNRA as one of only six biodiversity hotspots in the entire nation.

The staggering total of 33 endangered species was discovered by San Francisco …

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