Weekly Ink: Love from Russia, Goddess from Tibet

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Vital Statistics: My name is Luba Muzichenko, most people just call me Luba because my last name overwhelms them.  On Twitter people know me as LubaSF, as do my blog readers. My occupation is, believe it or not, a realtor. There are lots of real estate agents that have a little tattoo here or there, but many agents tend to think I'm a little odd for putting something so huge and “unprofessional” on my body. Oh, and I'm 32.  

Tattoo: My name, in Russian, means “love.” And this goddess is named Kurukulla, (also known as the Red Tara) and is the goddess of love in Tibetan lore. I loved that she is known to be both enchanting and erotic at the same time. She also is wise, a symbol of perfection, and stands on the a corpse that symbolizes ego — which is essentially the root of all evil.  Crushing the ego; that was one of the most powerful images to me. It sounds cheesy, but in my business, people walk around with huge egos all day and they feel like if they don't act self-important, then they won't be a successful agent. My approach has always been to remain down to earth and even though I had been thinking about this piece for years before I became an agent, this was the confirmation that I needed that this piece was truly the perfect one for me – a reminder that a big-ass ego doesn't actually bring you happiness.

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