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Things we were obsessing about on Dec. 1, 2004

The advent of cell phone technology has affected every facet of our lives. We routinely send video of our wild nights in the Mission back to Mom in Michigan and prepare for weekends in Tahoe with downloaded blackjack simulations. Now, thanks to the new wave of cell phone fortuneteller games, we can use our mobile device to unlock the secrets of the universe. The Kyocera QCP-2255 (available for Sprint and Verizon subscribers) comes standard with our favorite, Mystic I Ching, a faux Asian version of the Magic 8 Ball that answers simple yes or no questions with enchanting twaddle like, “The strong thunder follows the delightful lake, that which is strong places itself under and follows that which is weak. Adapting says definitely Yes, especially if you follow.” For this and other cell phone fortunetellers, visit http://getitnow.vzwshop.com. N.C.

There's no better cure for the post-Thanksgiving-inch-of-butterfat-under-the-skin feeling than to make an entire meal of nothing but chilled Dungeness crab (with lemon and maybe a bit of mayonnaise). Happily, the holiday season and the local crab season coincide. You can, of course, buy the beasts alive and kicking and cook them yourself. But we've been more than happy with the ones we've bought cooked and whole from a number of local purveyors. We've seen them advertised as low as $2.99 per pound in the supes, but both Swan Oyster Depot and Whole Foods have furnished us excellent crustaceans at $5.95 per pound. They'll crack and clean them for you, too. M.B.

During the evenings, when we're inching through gridlock on the way home, we've come to cherish the silky safe haven of KBAY's Delilah program, which, until last week, aired on both 93.3 and 94.5 from 7 p.m. to midnight. The double barrel of Delilah's inspirational light rock was the commuter radio equivalent of slipping into a warm bubble bath while a mysterious gentleman gently massaged away our anxieties. When 93.3 abruptly changed to KRZZ, “La Raza,” the brassy assault of regional Mexican programming gave a frightful shock. Thankfully, Delilah's sometimes-sage, sometimes-sassy advice and choice cuts of Josh Groban, Faith Hill, and Celine Dion can still be heard on 94.5 FM during the same time slot (though reception in the city is more of an issue). Take a deep breath; everything's going to be all right. N.C.

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