Welcome to the Broberhood

The Financial District is the bro-iest neighborhood in San Francisco, SFGate.com reports

At least that's what data tech company FindTheBest found in a quantitative analysis of bro-ness, which, to be honest, is a pretty bro-ish task to undertake. According to SFGate, the company created a “Bro Index” based on “number of gyms, fitness centers, bars, liquor stores and adult entertainment establishments per capita, and the proportion of adults aged 20-34.”

The Financial District, with 127 bars and 61 fitness centers per 10,000 people, topped the scale at 84.4 on the Bro Index. 

[jump] Nipping at the FiDi's topsider-shod heels are North Beach and the Marina. 

The analysis is based on a very particular idea of what it means to be a bro, and in San Francisco it might make more sense to include how many Apple Watch reviews a person has read, how much they're willing to pay for toast, and how many checked shirts they own. 

For those looking to avoid bros, tony Seacliff is the neighborhood of choice. Scoring just 16.4 on the Bro Index, Seacliff is where bros move when they're all grown up and ready to trade in their cornhole bags for golf clubs. 

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