We're On the Air: Joe Eskenazi and Benjamin Wachs Debate the Guardian's Tim Redmond on KQED Tomorrow

Perhaps you remember our recent cover story “The Worst Run Big City in the U.S.” by Joe Eskenazi and Benjamin Wachs.

The story ruffled some feathers, to be sure, garnering a lot of comments on the Web site and a response from Tim Redmond, editor of  the Guardian, which was (to say the least) critical. And we responded to that response. It's a response-off, yo! And everyone knows there's only one way to settle a response-off: On a good old-fashioned civilized radio show.

Eskenazi and Wachs will debate Redmond tomorrow on KQED's forum show at 9 a.m. So pop the popcorn and make like it's the '20s and tune your dials to 88.5 FM if you'd like to hear some lively debate. Or if you're just curious to know what Eskenazi and Wachs sound like.

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