What Does Proposed Muni Hike Mean? It Means Muni Never Believed Own Rhetoric.

Since paying more and getting less seems to be the order of the day worldwide, it's good to know that we in San Francisco have been in the vanguard once again. Delegations of government officials will, no doubt, be arriving here shortly to take notes on just how we do it here in San Francisco. Sadly, these sorts of people rarely take the bus. What a learning experience they'll be deprived of.

In Muni's defense, there is no easy way to make up the sorts of deficits it is facing. The proposed service cuts and fare hikes it announced on Friday and will present to the Muni board tomorrow are complex and have plenty for everyone to hate. But, for us, two things leap out:

  • Muni's staff has refused to even consider the notion of extending parking meter hours — meaning SF Weekly (and others) were apparently right on the mark when we months ago reported that Mayor Gavin Newsom's vociferous opposition to more meter hours rendered the motion dead on arrival;
  • The proposal to jack the prices of the F-Market trolley up to $5 puts the lie to Muni's claim that this is a “normal” line and anything other than a boutique tourist cash-generator in the transit agency's eyes.

Let's start with the first one:    

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