What Dreams May Come in this Cozy $600 Glen Park Sleeping Pod

If you search Craigslist “rooms & shares” for a space in Glen Park under $600, only one option comes up — and it’s a blast from the fucking future.

This “comfortable sleeping pod” is available in somebody’s “clean, spacious garage.” Kind of like a cross between a tanning bed and the chamber that Jeff Goldblum emerged from in The Fly, the pod apparently features soothing ultraviolet light, a fluorescent-ring vanity mirror, and, hopefully, enough oxygen to keep you conscious once the pod hatch closes.

Lest you think $600 is pricey for what’s basically a tricked out Speed Racer bed, the pod includes all utilities, plus access to the main house’s bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Sure, the garage holding the pod looks snuff-film stark, but didn’t you love the smell of fresh gasoline as a kid? 

It's hard to say at this point whether the ad is a joke or somebody's sad reality. We reached out to the pod owner for more information and will update the post if we hear back.     

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