What Song Should Be the Giants' Late-Inning Theme? Your Input Is Requested.

Yesterday, the Chronicle's Henry Schulman penned a truly entertaining article about how former Journey frontman Steve Perry is peeved because the Dodgers play “Don't Stop Believin'” when the team needs a rally in the bottom of the ninth — and Perry is a Giants fan.

Any article in which Perry utters the line “I think the song is about hope and power, and it's working for them, damn it” is quality material. But it necessitates the question — what song should the Giants play when they're down a couple of runs heading into last ups? Team spokeswoman Staci Slaughter confirmed that, currently, the team has no designated pick-em-up song; another Giants employee says that, in late pressure situations, the team often resorts to playing “Bon Jovi stuff.” That's great if you want fans to flee the stadium — but how about something that keeps 'em riveted?

If you have any bright ideas, please feel free to deposit your pearls of wisdom in the comments section. Incidentally, the song need not present so literal a message as “Don't Stop Believin'” — somehow “Sweet Caroline” became a sports anthem, too

Incidentally, since it's inevitably easier to knock something down than build it up, it was no challenge to conceive of the absolute worst, most inappropriate songs to play late in a tight, losing game:

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