What the Hell Was John Getzow, Serial Evictee and 'Tenant From Hell,' Doing Hosting a Healthcare Symposium at Glide Memorial Church?

Last week we reported on how “Dr.” John Getzow — a serial evictee profiled in an SF Weekly cover story — successfully stiffed the eighth San Francisco landlord to sue him for nonpayment of rent. We speculated we'd see Getzow's name come up again before too long — and we were right. But we were surprised at where he turned up — hosting a panel discussion on health care last week held at Glide Memorial Church and featuring a high-ranking city official he'd personally convinced to attend. That's quite a nifty place to be for a man who, just earlier that month, had signed off on a deal in which he walked off owing his landlords $4,500 in back rent — and they were thrilled just to see him go.

Speakers at the June 27 “Healthcare Reform Event” included Rev. Cecil Williams of Glide and Dr. Mitch Katz, the director of San Francisco's Department of Public Health. How does a serial evictee — who has claimed to be a doctor yet is not licensed to practice medicine in this state — convince the city's top doc to come and speak on his panel?

“John came into our office and said he was working in Gavin Newsom's office. He also said he'd been associated with St. Luke's,” said Eileen Shields, the spokeswoman for DPH. “John was presenting himself as working with City Hall, and Mitch is the director of health. How could he say no? John Getzow gets that.”

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