What Will It Take for Ross Mirkarimi to Lose the Sheriff's Race?

Barring a miracle, Ed Lee is on his way to becoming the next mayor –it's now the hotly contested sheriff's race that is the one to watch.

As of this morning, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi had a narrow, 10 percent lead over Chris Cunnie, securing 38 percent of the vote. While political pundits thought this was his race to lose, now it appears this might actually turn into the race he loses.

“There is a good chance that he does lose,” said Jim Ross, a local political consultant. “I think he is very much in a situation that we saw in last year's election with Janet Reilly, where there are three candidates all of whom are opposed to him — they are the anti-Ross Mirkarimis.”

The three candidates combined received 62 percent of the vote, which means only 35 percent of the second-choice votes need to go to one of the other candidates and Mirkarimi will lose, Ross said.

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