What’s the Fastest Growing Job in California? Not What You’d Expect.

Skilled trades in both new and old industries are making a comeback.

In our little San Francisco bubble it’s easy to look around and think that programmers, lawyers and financial advisers are the top jobs in the nation. But a recent report released by career site Zippia shows that many of the fastest growing jobs in California are actually skilled trades, perhaps reflecting our statewide construction boom.

The data was collected via job growth projections gathered by the Department of Labor in conjunction with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Zippia broke this down by state, and only selected jobs that were predicted to still exist in 2024.

From this, they determined that the top ten fastest growing careers in the state are as follows:

  1. Wind Turbine Technician
  2. Iron Worker
  3. Mason
  4. Stone Mason
  5. Roofer
  6. Mason Tender
  7. Web Developer
  8. Insulator
  9. Clinical Data Manager
  10. Solar Installer

Important to note: some of these jobs like wind turbine technicians didn’t even exist fifty years ago, while others like stone masons have been around for centuries.

The average wage for these positions is also telling. Despite being a popular job choice, wind turbine technicians only bring in an average of $50,510 a year. Clinical data managers earn the highest average income per year, coming in at $93,160. And the lowest income on the top 10 list goes to mason tenders, who earn an average of $34,020 annually.

You can check out the full list of 100 top growing California jobs here.

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