Where Your $6 Billion Goes: The SF City Committee Shuffle

San Francisco is full of small businesses, so this seems like a great idea – so good I’m amazed no one thought of it sooner. Except that … wait …they did. In fact, I think Newsom did.

By Benjamin Wachs

It’s a big week for bureaucracy in San Francisco. Not only will the Board of Supervisors select new members forseven different city committees (did you know we have one on immigrant rights?), but Mayor Gavin Newsom has proposed creating a whole new agency for even more people to be appointed to. Because you can never have too many.

This morning, hizzoner held what must be the first government press conference ever at a“Party Store” location to propose a “Small Business Assistance Center” – described by Deputy Communications Director David Miree as a “one stop shopping center” to help small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the city’s complex maze of forms, regulations, and city agencies.

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