Which Does San Francisco Hate More: Muni, Techies, or Cops?

If a line of graffiti is worth a thousand words, then this piece of aerosol art, captured by Valleywag reporter Kevin Montgomery in the melee following last night's Giants victory, speaks volumes about the soul of San Francisco.

Or it at least speaks volumes about San Franciscans' utter contempt for their municipal bus system.

Revelers who took to the streets last night turned a exuberant celebration into an orgy of hate, much of it documented on Montgomery's Twitter feed. They rampaged through the Mission, protesting every visible element of the city's status quo.

The clearest message we could distill from all this vandalism is: Fuck techies, fuck luxury condos, fuck meter maids, fuck the Department of Parking and Traffic, fuck cops, and above all, fuck our bus system.

Looks like that graffiti artists won't  be voting for Prop. A. 

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