Which S.F. Doctors Are Secretly on Probation?

California legislature releases a long list of physicians convicted of sex crimes, drug offenses, and more. Here are the S.F. doctors on that list.

Nearly 600 California doctors are on probation for felonies like sexual misconduct or drug abuse, and their patients don’t know it. While a state senate motion requiring doctors to disclose their probation to patients failed this month, the state senate has gone another direction and released a 220-page list of California doctors on probation along with the crimes of which they’ve been convicted.

We went through the list and detailed which San Francisco physicians are currently practicing medicine while on probation. There are only 10 such doctors in San Francisco — whereas Los Angeles has 164 — but these are the S.F. doctors currently on probation, and their convictions.

Note: Some of these dates were a number of years ago, and it would appear that several physicians’ probationary periods have elapsed, but each of them has additional, unspecified “restrictions” or “conditions” to fulfill.

Dr. Michelle Barry — Repeat DUIs, Crashed into other cars causing injury. (Placed on five years’ probation beginning Jan. 9, 2015)

Dr. Raymond Deicken — Inappropriate opiate prescribing to multiple patients. (Suspended briefly and placed on five years’ probation beginning Jan. 5, 2012)

Dr. Mohammed Diab — Sex/affair with patient. (Placed on seven years’ probation beginning Nov. 1, 2013)

Dr. Alan Gaynor — Punctured patient’s eyeball during a permanent makeup procedure causing patient to become nearly blind. (Placed on five years probation beginning Nov. 4, 1998, required to successfully complete clinical training and pass an examination.)

Dr. William Moores — Negligent care of multiple patients, leading one to die (Placed on five years probation beginning 11/2/2001 plus various conditions and restrictions.)

Dr. Gary Rust — Repeat DUIs (Placed on five years probation beginning 1/17/2014.)

Dr. Yinn  Zeng — Negligent care of multiple patients including IUD hook removal/exploration of a patient who was unknowingly 7 weeks pregnant. (Placed on five years probation beginning 7/3/2012 plus various conditions and restrictions.)

Dr. Alexander Grinberg — Kept increasing various prescriptions for patient with history of cocaine and other controlled substance and prescription-abuse problems despite hospital orders not to after her release due to a stroke, and for excessive and inappropriate prescribing to multiple patients. (Placed on five years’ probation, date not specified).

Dr. Jerome Franz — Did not document prescriptions he continued to provide to a patient who had moved to Costa Rica, Failed to meet in person with patient while treating her for seizures and other conditions. (Placed on three years probation, date not specified.)

Dr. Travis Svensson — Inappropriate and excessive prescribing to patients, Allowed unlicensed interns to see patients and fill out prescriptions – unlicensed practice of medicine.  (Placed on five years probation, date not specified.)

We’ve only listed doctors practicing within San Francisco on this list. If your doctor practices outside of San Francisco and you’d like to know whether they’re on probation, you can search them by name on the California Medical Board website.

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