While San Fran Attempts to Butt Into Legal Challenge to Prop. 8, Pair of Gay Supe Hopefuls Plead for Patience

This week, City Attorney Dennis Herrera petitioned to become a party in the case challenging Prop. 8 in federal district court, ramming full speed ahead into the legal challenge to the same-sex marriage ballot initiative.

Meanwhile, the debate continues about when same-sex marriage advocates should take the issue back to the polls. What's it gonna be? Is 2010 too soon to change public opinion? Will the issue go stale by 2012, with voters even more entrenched in their views?Two openly gay politicos who've registered their intent to run for supervisor in District 8 — home of the liberal Castro and Inner Mission where moderate Bevan Dufty currently reigns — nibbled on the question, and came to, more or less, the same conclusion: Wait.

Former Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club co-chair Scott Wiener echoes the club's platform that proponents of the ballot initiative best wait 'til 2012 in order to get organized. “When we go back to the ballot, we need to get it right. We can't afford to keep going back and losing.” A deputy city attorney, Wiener said the key would be to preach same-sex marriage to more folks than just the choir. “I would definitely want to see more outreach to communities of color, and into the Central Valley…I think that's what could tip it in our favor.”

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