Who Would Possibly Complain About San Francisco's Lovely Weather? Our Plants — If They Could

“If trees could scream, would

we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed

all the time, for no good reason.” — Jack Handey

No, Virginia, plants cannot talk. But, if they could, San Francisco's would ape our human population — and protest.

The unseasonably hot weather inducing San Francisco denizens to don flip-flops and sundresses in the dead of winter has, according to some of the city's most experienced gardeners, put our flora in a difficult spot. Plants that are irrigated or hand-watered will bloom — only to potentially have their flowers literally nipped in the bud in a few days' or weeks' time when more traditional winter temperatures return. And plants that are not watered will either succumb to the hot, dry weather or not produce many (or any) seeds this year — dooming the creatures who depend upon those plants for their sustenance.

“If the weather stays this way for two more weeks, then it'll start affecting the flowering sequences of cherries and plums,” said Don Mahoney, the plant collections curator at the San Francisco Botanical Garden for 25 years. “And the problem is, cold weather may not be over. It could damage the flowers — that's what happened last year with the avocado growers.” 

For Mahoney's well-tended plants, beating the heat spell was merely a matter of expending summerlike quantities of water during the winter (during a drought, no less). But San Francisco native plants in the city's more untended areas are facing a dire fate.

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