Wilfredo Reyes Appears in Court for Charges in Bologna Family Murder

Wilfredo Reyes stepped into a San Francisco courtroom today to face charges that he played a role in killing Tony Bologna and two of his sons in June 2008. He waived his arraignment, which means he does not have to appear at that hearing tomorrow.

Reyes fled town soon after the drive-by shooting. Meanwhile, Edwin Ramos, who drove the car, was convicted of the murders and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Both Reyes and Ramos are alleged MS-13 gang members.
Ramos claimed that Reyes pulled the trigger from the passenger's seat, but Reyes was not questioned. Police did not issue a warrant for his arrest until this past March, when a witness in Ramos' trial testified that she met Reyes in South Carolina and that he told her he left California because he a passenger in a drive-by shooting.

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