Will Facebook Privacy Ties Wreck Chris Kelly's AG Campaign?

These days, touting the title “Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook” on one's resume must feel a bit like being the Head of Safety for BP or Lead Acting Instructor at the William Shatner School of Drama.

Following policy changes at Facebook that made it far easier for data miners, voyeurs, or prying bosses to find your most compromising information, earnest online privacy advocates pilloried the king of the social networking websites. So, it warrants mentioning that the maiden TV ad for would-be Attorney General — and, yes, former Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook — Chris Kelly doesn't mention the P-Word at all.

Instead, the narrator notes that “As top legal counsel at Facebook, Chris Kelly worked with all 50 Attorneys General to crack down on online sexual predators.” That sounds downright heroic, and ought to earn a copywriter a promotion. San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris — one of Kelly's Democratic rivals in the AG race — has accused him of disingenuously attempting to distance himself from his Facebook past.

Is that so? And is this a killer for the little-known candidate who's poured nearly $10 million* of his own money into a longshot race?

We're glad you asked. 

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