Will Gavin Newsom Still End Homelessness by 2014?

So it seems that not all of former Mayor Gavin Newsom's “head-spinning” machinations have worked in his favor. Before leaving office, he was successful in lining City Hall with an administration that would deliver a Newsomesque agenda.

And his efforts paid off, except in one area. His hand-selected Health Department Chief, Barbara Garcia, isn't following orders; she hasn't  implemented one of Newson's most beloved programs — Daily Homeless Connect.

Last month, SF Weekly broke the story about the program falling by the wayside now that Newsom had left San Francisco politics.

At the time, nobody could give us a reason why the Daily Homeless Connect was now a disconnect. Yet Garcia is now telling reporters that she cannot see the logic in starting a new program when she's been asked to shutdown so many others due to budget cuts.

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