Will Hard Times Bring Out the Progressives' Inner Elsbernd?

It doesn't seem likely that many elected members of San Francisco's government want to stand up and bellow about how pension reform is bunk — they're just fine with the way things are. At least that's what Supervisor Sean Elsbernd is counting on.

You may recall that Elsbernd introduced a pair of potential charter amendments late last year. One of them took a pot shot at Muni drivers' salaries being guaranteed at the nation's No. 2 rate. Political winds may be blowing elsewhere than into Elsbernd's sails on that one. But the city's bad fortune may have made his retirement spending measure more palitable, even among progressives.

“Clearly we need to think, long-term, about our pension system,” noted Supervisor David Campos. “Something needs to be done; it's a question of what makes sense and what's fair and equitable.”

Elsbernd's pension plan gets its hearing Thursday in the supes' Rules Committee; add Campos to the list of progressives who have not “smacked down” Elsbernd's proposal “as bad as I thought [they] would.”

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