Will Mayor Ed Lee Cave to Labor Over 'Bumping' Rights?

One bump sometimes leads to another

On Monday afternoon, labor organizers planned to pack a City Hall hearing room to protest Mayor Ed Lee's plans to eliminate the controversial practice of “bumping,” which allows city workers who are laid off in one city department to displace lower-seniority workers in another.

Ending the practice, which is written into many city labor contracts, was a priority of former Mayor Gavin Newsom, who complained that it disrupted city services when people were parachuted into jobs they might not be qualified for.

But Lee just might cave and continue to allow the controversial practice. Sources say his office has backed down from banning it after word that labor unions would protest at a Civil Service Commission hearing this afternoon.

Newsom's proposal, a union flier warned, would “make a mockery of the few civil service rights we have left, and put all workers in jeopardy for widespread privatization. All the City's unions are opposing this outrageous reform proposal.”

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