Will SF Ban Smoking in Apartments? 

The proposal, which would include both tobacco and cannabis smoke, drew strong reactions on social media.

Is “Ban Francisco” back?

A new proposal wending its way through the Board of Supervisors targets indoor smoking in a bid to prevent second-hand smoke inhalation. The law, as currently proposed, would ban all forms of indoor smoking, including tobacco and cannabis, in apartment buildings with three or more units. 

The proposal drew some strong reactions on social media. Several Twitter users criticized the fact that the law only targets residents of rental apartments and condominiums, while leaving the residents of single family homes unaffected. While the proposal states that tenants cannot be evicted for smoking indoors, it includes the possibility of fines of up to $1,000 per day for noncompliance, according to the Examiner. 

Others criticized the framing of the law by its champion, District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee, as a “right to breathe air.” 

A minority of commenters on the Examiner story were supportive of the law, highlighting its health and quality of life benefits. 

At the law’s first hearing, Supervisor Yee, who is finishing out his second term and preparing to leave office soon, said he was open to including an exemption for medical cannabis users, but not recreational cannabis users. Supervisor Rafael Mandelman countered that since recreational cannabis was legalized, many people who use cannabis medicinally do not have a medical card or prescription. 

Several other Bay Area cities already have similar bans on smoking in multi-family buildings, including Berkeley, Daly City, and all of Santa Clara County. This summer, California followed San Francisco’s lead in outlawing flavored tobacco statewide.

The apartment smoking ban proposal will go before the full Board of Supervisors on December 1.

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